The Cozy Checkered Hat

This fun, warm hat is an easy and quick project! Living in the mid-west means chilly Fall weather and freezing Winters. I love coming up with new patterns for my family and friends during this time of year. This cozy checkered hat is perfect as a gift, or just for yourself. Enjoy!


-Lions Brand Thick n Quick, Big Twist, or Buttercream Yarn For this hat I chose to do a different color for the brim of the hat, but you could always make it in one solid color. For the hat in the picture I used Lions Brand Thick n Quick yarn in ‘Black’ and ‘Fisherman’.

-#15 circular needles (16 inch)

-Tapestry needle for weaving through and tying-off.

With Black Yarn

CO 40 sts. (30 stitches for a toddler size hat)

Row 1: *K1, P1*

Row 2-5: repeat row 1

Change yarn color to ‘Fisherman’

Row 6-11: *K5, P5*

Row 12-17: *P5, K5*

Row 18-23: *K5, P5* (for a toddler size hat stop here!)

Row 24-29: *P5, K5”

Weave ends through and tie off. Make a pom pom, or use a store bought one to finish it off!

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