Spiral Slouch Hat

Well, what do you do when it is -34 outside? No, that is not a typo! It was really -34!!! If you live in Minnesota, you stay inside and make a nice warm hat! My goal with this hat was to make something that was cute, but also would keep me from getting frostbite on my ears! So, here we go…


Lions Brand Thick n Quick yarn

Size 15 circular needles (16 in.)

Tapestry needle for weaving in ends.

Pom Pom maker (if wanted)

*If making for a child I would use size 13 knitting needles (16 in) and make 4 less rows before tying off!

CO 42 sts. on your circular needles.

Row 1 : Use a stitch holder and *K, P*

Row 2-5: Repeat Row 1.

Row 6: K, m1,  then K until the end of the row. (43 sts. total)

*This is where our spiral pattern begins! The pattern is off-set which makes the spiral carry up the hat. What I mean by that is the pattern is a 6 stitch repeat, but we will have one extra stitch in our foundation row . Just keep doing the repeat and every row will start one stitch earlier than the row below it. If it doesn’t make sense, trust me it works!

Row 7: *K4, P2*

Row 8-23: Repeat Row 7

Row 24: *K2tog, K2, P2*

*Using a tapestry needle thread your working yarn through the stitches on your circular needles. Pull stitches together and tie off.

Here is where you can make a pom-pom if you like (I made mine using the Clover Large pom-pom maker.) Another option is to buy the faux fur pompoms and sew them on. I have bought mine on Amazon as well as at JoAnn Fabrics.

3 thoughts on “Spiral Slouch Hat

  1. I’m knitting this pattern with t&q and 10mm needles and I have way more purl spiral rows. The photo show. Does not appear to be the same as the pattern makes.


    1. I’m honestly stumped as to why this is…so much so that I just made another spiral hat in order to test the pattern. Are you using a stitch marker to keep track of your rows? Due to the fact that this pattern builds off of the previous row, it is sometimes easy to miscount where exactly you are.


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