Muscle Pain Roller

DSC_0661As and active family of seven, you can imagine how many muscles aches we have in our house. Whether the kids have growing pains, muscle injuries from wresting meets and volleyball tournaments, I felt that I was constantly giving them over the counter medication. Luckily for me a friend introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils. Now, let me explain that I was EXTREMELY skeptical of what I thought was a  ‘tree-hugging hippy’ waste of my time. Well, call me a tree-hugging hippy, (please don’t) but I was amazed at how fast I was able to bring relief to my children as well as myself!

If you search out sites on the internet, you will find hundreds of oil recipes. I caution you to do your research!!! Some recipes sound great until I verify the oils being used in my reference book. (If you don’t already have the Essential Oils Pocket Reference [sixth edition], by: Life Science….GET IT!) Amazon carries it, and I use it everyday! It has information on almost every ailment such as hair loss, to more serious diseases.  Even though I have been totally converted to believing in the healing properties of oils I, in no way, think that it is okay to discount medical advice. I use oils as my first line of defense, before moving forward to traditional over the counter medications, and doctors visits.

So, after making you read all of this, here is my Muscle Pain Roller Recipe.

In a 10ml amber (or other dark color) roller bottle. combine the following:

Cypress                          10 drops

Black Pepper                 4 drops

Idaho Balsam Fir         4 drops

Lemongrass                   4 drops

Peppermint                   5 drops

*Fill the remainder of the roller bottle with the carrier oil of your choice (I used grape seed oil). Place the roller top on the bottle and roll away!

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